Message of the CEO DEA - Qazi Zahoor-ul-Haq

23rd Day of March is very important in the history of Pakistan. This is a day of Pakistan's resolution, a very important resolution that defines our directions. This is the day when we shall review our past & present and renew our passions for the future. I am pleased to see that my team at DEA is committed to serve the Homeland Pakistan with high spirits round the clock.

Leading this team is a pride for me and I can rightly say on this 23rd day of March (The Pakistan Day) that my team at DEA is driving the education sector in Rawalpindi in an energetic manner to make Pakistan more strong and more prosperous. Pakistan Zindabad.

Message of the DEO (M-EE), Mr. Akram Zia

Every year, Pakistan day is celebrated on 23rd March with full zeal & enthusiasm. The purpose of celebrating this day is to remind everyone about the purpose of making our great country Pakistan. At District Education Authority, all the officials and teaching staff along with students are putting their best efforts within their domains to contribute in strengthening the Pakistan. The education sector plays an important role in the development of any country and I am confident to claim that our team (the DEA team) is in front line for development of our beloved country. INSHALLAH very soon, we'll be attaining 100% literacy rate. Pakistan Zindabad.

Message of DEO(SE) Rwp, Dr.Tariq Qazi

Every day has some requirements. Likewise 23rd March demands us to renew our commitments for the development of homeland Pakistan and review our future goals. Being DEA official, I believe that only education can make Pakistan more strong and I claim that my team is comprised of those dedicated and professional officials who are working round the clock just to input their role in national development by strengthening the education sector. On this day, I renew my commitment to serve Pakistan with more passion and INSHALLAH one day we'll be able to eliminate the illiteracy from Pakistan completely. Pakistan Zindabad. Long live Pakistan.

Message of DEO(W-EE) Madam Shahida Hashmi

Pakistan is my passion. I joined the Education sector to play my role as a women in the development of Pakistan.  23rd March reminds us the efforts of our leaders for provision of a separate country to Muslims. الحمدللہ today we are living in an independent country where we have every thing. This country is a blessing for us and we must put utmost efforts to make it more beautiful and more strong. On this day, I would like to appreciate the efforts of everyone at DEA for their commitments and hard working for provision of quality education to eliminate the darkness from this beautiful country. Pakistan zindabad

Message of the DDEO(W-EE) Kahuta, Madam Rafia Tahira

On every 23rd March,we celebrate Pakistan Day.This was the day when we decided to attain a separate homeland for Muslims of sub continent. Resolution of Pakistan accelerated the independence with great passion. Now when we are fighting against terrorism,ignorance   and poverty, we need same passion and pace of struggle. On this ocassion, I shall request heads teachers,teachers and students to strive for safe and  prosperous Islamic Pakistan and work for the quality of education to save the future of our next generation. Pakistan Zindabad

Message of DDEO(M) Murree, Mr.Muhammad Azhar

Two nations theory and ideology of Pakistan are connected to each other.Cultural,social,historical and ideological differences led Muslims of sub continent to make struggle for their separate homeland.It is time to honour these efforts and pay homage to those personalities who sacrificed for this precious and sacred cause.I t is dire need to be united for strengthening  and preservation of Islamic ideology of Pakistan.Let us move to strive for safe and strong Pakistan.

Message of DDEO(W-EE) Rwp Madam Hajra

Its time to resolute once again to make Pakistan educated, prosperous and developed country, as dreamed by our national leaders especially Quaid-e-Azam &  Allama Iqbal. Everyone at DEA is doing its best within his/her domain. Our success in education sector will ultimately make Pakistan more strong and more prosperous, therefore, we work round the clock to ensure that maximum enrollment is achieved for elimination of illiteracy from Pakistan. Long live Pakistan.

Message of the DDEO(M) Rwp, Mr. Malik Amjad Mehmood

Live nations celebrate their national days with zeal and zest.23rd March has unique importance in our history as it was the day when Muslim masses of sub continent decided to make political struggle for independent piece of land.It was the leadership of Quaid e Azam which made it possible to change dream of independence into reality.It is our national duty to fulfill the obligation of independence. We shall have to make joint efforts to achieve the target of prosperous Pakistan.

Message of DDEO(W-EE) Taxila Madam Samina Batool

23rd March commemorates us Pakistan Resolution at Lahore as well as the first constitution of Pakistan. The day is celebrated enthusiastically every year with Military Parade and ceremonies enriched with national songs. On this auspicious day we should reconcile our determination for uplift and prosperity of our motherland. Let’s join hands to make Pakistan the strongest. Together we stand and united we rise. Pakistan Zindabad

Message of DDEO(W-EE) Gujar Khan, Mrs. Noreen Khalid

23rd March, a day not only to celeberate but to recalculate our directions, energies and thoughts towards the development of our beloved homeland Pakistan. This is the day to recall the sacrifices of our elders for Pakistan. This is the day to reunite and turn into reality the purpose for which Pakistan was established.
I am pleased to see the target oriented youth which is portraying a Beautiful and Positive picture of Pakistan on the International canvas. That day is very near when Pakistan will lead the whole world انشااللہ . This quatrain is for the Electrifying and Passionate Youth of Pakistan
آسانیوں سے پوچھ نہ منزل کا راستہ
اپنے سفر میں راہ کے پتھر تلاش کر
ذرے سے کائنات کی تفسیر پوچھ لے
قطرے کی وسعتوں میں سمندر تلاش کر
Pakistan Zindabad

Message of the DDEO(SE) Rwp, Mr. Masood Ahmed

23rd of March, every year, reminds the nation to be determined and united to resolve her issues.There Are Some Unforgettable Days
In The History Of Any Nation. 23rd March 1940 is Very Important Day On Which Quaid Gave A Plateform to The Movement Of Pakistan
And This Is A Milestone Of Pakistan’s History. HAPPY PAKISTAN DAY..!! It is the day of commitment to sacrifice for the country with honesty,loyalty and dignity. May Allah bless our country. Ameen

Message of DDEO(M) Kahuta, Mr.Shehnshah Babar Khan

23rd March is the day that reminds us that in 1940, in sub-continent, Muslims were united under the banner of Muslim League and sacrificed to attain Pakistan. With the efforts of Muslims of sub-continent under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam, on 14th August 1947 Pakistan came into existence. To make Pakistan, Quaid’s Pakistan and to introduce it to new generation, it is necessary that we must benefit from Quaid’s speeches and make it clear that Pakistan is our identity and only because of Pakistan we are breathing freely.  It is the need of the time that we must observe patriotism to face the challenges of the time.

Message of DDEO(W-EE) Kotli Sattian, Mrs.Shazia Azmat

There Are Some Unforgettable Days in The History Of Any Nation.
23rd March 1940 Is Very Important Day On Which Quaid Gave A Platform To The Movement Of Pakistan And This Is A Milestone Of Pakistan’s History. HAPPY PAKISTAN DAY..!! It is the day of commitment to sacrifice for the country with honesty,loyalty and dignity. May Allah bless our country